Welcome to Guest house ‘In den Hof’

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Would you like to go camping, but just that bit different? Are you looking for a place where you don’t feel like you are one of many? ‘Gasterij indenHof’ – the name Gasterij already suggests it, you are the guest! – turn your camping holiday into something really special. And we can do this with four very attractive areas, which we have called the sleeping area (or ‘De Slaperij’), dining area (or ‘De Eterij’), party area (or ‘De Feesterij’) and motorbike area (or ‘De Motorij’). Can you feel the atmosphere already? Then we would like to show you around our website.

‘De Slaperij’ (sleeping area): for overnight stays on our campsite, for people who like a ‘bed and breakfast’ in the bedroom or in one of our double rooms. In addition, De Slaperij offers deals for all target groups.

‘De Eterij’ (dining area): for a tasty breakfast (typical of the Limburg area of course), a 3 course menu or BBQ, a walk through the nearby woods with a tasty cup of soup as dessert, but also for dinners for a maximum of 200 people.

‘De Feesterij’ (party area): Do you have a family reunion, wedding or communion, are there people celebrating their 50th birthday, for example, who deserve to be put in the spotlight or is there a reception or coffee meeting planned. We will turn it into a party at the Feesterij.

‘De Motorij’ (motorbike area): What is nicer after a motorbike ride to relax in an environment where you can stretch your legs? The motorbike area (De Motorij), loved by motorbike riders for years consists of a special camping area for motorbike riders, café, work place with tools (yes, we have thought of everything) and really nice tour routes. Many people do not realize it, but the Eifel (only 15 km away) and the Ardennes (20 km) are actually closer than you think. After many bends in the road, you will reach these two areas of natural beauty and also a motorbike heaven. The motorbike area is actually a collective name for a motorbike camping, motor-hotel hostel.