Past history

In den Hof: Traditional guest house

At the end of 1800, Heerlen was still an idyllic village deep in the Limburg countryside. At the edge of the village where the heath stretches far into Germany, a recently married couple named Dominicus and Elisabeth Merckelbagh, built their own farm house in 1888. They named their farm “In den Hof,” a farming business with a rich orchard at the sources of the river Caumerbeek. People travelling through Germany and Belgium were received welcomingly with a large meal and an overnight stay. And what about us? We will carry on the tradition with the same passion and enthusiasm.

In den Hof: Between town and countryside

The village has become a large and active city, but the farm house still lies as a peaceful haven between city and countryside. As we already said, the Merckelbagh family still receives travelers for a Burgundian meal and an overnight stay. In den Hof is now a cosy guest house at the edge of the most modern shopping city in Limburg and it lies near the Brunssummer heath, a unique and outstretched nature reserve.

In den Hof: Beautiful location for trips out

We are proud of our strategic location at the edge of Heerlen which is beautiful and ideal for going to the Limburg countryside. North, East, South, West whatever direction you choose, there is always something to do and see. Maastricht, with its welcoming atmosphere, is 30 minutes away by train, Gaia Zoo (the most beautiful zoo in Holland) is 20 minutes away by car and Hoensbroek castle, for example, is within easy reach. Also interesting, just over the border in Germany, lies the old city of Aachen from Karel de Grote. Cyclists can enjoy themselves on the Keutenberg in Schin op Geul (who dares?), and the marl stone route is also something really beautiful. And if that is not enough, what about the city of Valkenburg, perfect for holidays, with its marl stone caves and thermal baths, Liège in Belgium, with its unadulterated French charm, the rocks in the Maas for a climbing adventure, cross-country skiing at the top of the Ardennes or indoor skiing in nearby Landgraaf? With more than a thousand interesting and sport-filled trips for smaller or larger groups, you definitely won’t be bored.