SLEEPING AREA… where are we going
to sleep?

Sleep inside in the hay loft. Taste and experience the folk stories, also when you go to sleep: The Goat riders (or ‘Bokkenrijders’) are still here! Or to be more precise, the goat riders (‘Bokkenrijders’) are here AGAIN? Spirits that ride around in the air on goats, phantoms that make you wince? Above your house, garden, and this in the wine cellar as far as Cologne? Yes definitely, the goat riders are livelier than ever.

Don’t believe it? Then book one night or more in our themed rooms. The goat riders (‘Bokkenrijders’) grew up in front of the gallows, look for the slogans and help to work them out!

Our hay loft is the best place for daredevils to sleep. ‘The Black Captain’, ‘Surgeon Kirchhofs’, ‘Nolleke van Geleen’, ‘Blockmenneke’, ‘De Afdoender’, ‘Jan Maus’, ‘Jacobus’, ‘De Huzaar’, ‘Peter Kasper’, who do you want to stay overnight with?

Who dares to book a room, will sleep with a mobster. But also outside the bedrooms you will find the atmosphere of the ‘sworn night thieves and extortionists‘. In prints and books in the hallways or outside on the terrace and if you look well enough, maybe outside in the Limburg countryside. When you are sleeping with the Goat riders (‘Bokkenrijders’), can you hear the impatient snorting of the bucks and can you see the dangerous flashing eyes of animals and their companions?

Gasterij in den Hof invites you to experience the saga again. If you open your eyes after a night back in time, you will see a nice breakfast or a complete ‘meal’ later in the day.

The goat riders (‘Bokkenrijders’): Gasterij Indenhof brings history back to life!

BED & BREAKFAST from € 20,- per person!!!

(Bring your own sleeping bag + cushion with you.)

1 overnight stay € 25,-
2 overnight stays € 45,-
3 overnight stays € 60,-
Bed linen € 7,50,- ( 2 bedsheets, blanket(s), pillow with pillowcase, towel )